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Apollo Bouquet

A luscious bouquet of this week’s blooms, gift wrapped, with notecard. Delivery Monday-Friday.
No vase included



Hero Package

Never miss the chance to celebrate.  Pre-order all important dates now, or use them on the go.
No vase included


4 x Apollo Bouquet


9 x Apollo Bouquet + 1 Free



Deliveries arrive Monday to Fridays. 

 *timed delivery not guaranteed 

See our delivery area here. tax and delivery are included.

Delivery time

10am - 6pm



Our workshops are the starting point of your own design journey!  No experience is required, just a passion for all things flower related. We hope to see you in our growing community of flower lovers, celebrating the magic of their own remarkable stories.


Basic Bouquet

Saturday October 8th
2 - 3 PM


LOCATION: Fairmount Park Community Center, Toronto

This workshop is for beginners and introduces techniques to making hand-tied bouquets. A designer will lead you though the process of making a bouquet, providing advice and guidance while you make your own. You will learn how combine a collection greens and flowers together using a “spiraling” technique to achieve esthetic balance and beauty. Learn basic flower names and care when you take your flowers home.



Saturday, October 22nd
2 - 3 PM


Location: Fairmount Park Community Center, Toronto

This workshop takes you through basic houseplant care and planting techniques. In this class we cover how to remove plants from their original pot and into new soil, including how to choose the correct size container, watering amounts and optimal light conditions. All materials are provided.


Want flowers delivered on a regular basis for your home, office or loved one?