The Legend of
Apollo & Hyacinth


Hyacinth was a beautiful athletic youth and lover of the Sun God Apollo. 

Hyacinth was a beautiful youth and lover of the Sun God Apollo. One day Apollo heaved his discus toward the Sun with all his strength and skill. Hyacinth jumped to retrieve it, when tragedy struck. Hyacinth crumpled, wounded by the flying discus, and lay dying upon the ground. Struck by grief, Apollo would not allow Hades, God of Death, to claim the beautiful youth. Instead, the Sun God transformed Hyacinth into an array of small star shaped flowers, to celebrate his loved one for all eternity. Inspired by this legend, Apollo Flowers celebrates your exceptional stories with captivating floral design. Our signature, handcrafted arrangements change each week, so our subscribers can enjoy luxurious designs delivered regularly to their home, retail space, workplace or loved one. Each week a single new collection of local and exotic flowers are available to subscribers and clients. Our gallery displays the general look and feel of our arrangements, and what is available by season.